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S-A-LF-T01-VS00 Fully Automatic Smart Door Lock

S-A-LF-T01-VS00 Fully Automatic Smart Door Lock


-Outline Dimension: 420*75*50(mm)
-Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Suitable Door Thickness: 50mm Wooden door (For the other door type, please contact us)
-Powered by h lithium battery
-Unlocking Methods: Fingerprint, password, smart card, mechanical key

* Free installation
*One year warranty

  • Lock Core level: C level
  • Working Voltage: 7.4V 
  • Standby Current: ≤70uA
  • Working Current: ≤300mA
  • Emergency Power Supply: 5V, USB interface

  • Virtual password: effectively preventing others from peeping the password
  • Fingerprint, smart card and password can be used for double verification to unlock
  • Anti-trial function: Locked for 90s when enters wrong password 5 times consecutively
  • Low Battery Alarm, Anti-prying Alarm
  • Visible Camera Function: Full Wide HD  Camera ,press the doorbell to automatically wake up the camera
  • Door lock monitoring two-in-one, indoor keys can view the situation outside the door
  • The national standard mechanical lock body is adopted, which is compatible with 99% of lock bodies in the market
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