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DAC-X1100 Intelligent Controller

DAC-X1100 Intelligent Controller


-Dimension: 164x140x26mm (6.46x 5.51x10.2")
-Weight: 352g
-Input Voltage: 12 to 24 VDC ± 10%
-Max. Input Current: 51.9A (550mA excluding reader and USB)
-Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
-Relative Humidity: 5% to 85%


Product Features
  • OSDP Reader Support –Increase security and functionality with secure channel and bi-directionalcommunications
  • Robust NetworkSecurity – Supports mutual authentication using TLS 1.2 while running in aFIPS140-2 approved operating environment on the intelligent controller
  • IO Module Encryption– Enhance security between intelligent controller and IO modules with AESencryption
  • Crypto Chips –Protect against malicious attacks to keep keys and passwords safe
  • Threat Levels –Define up to 7 different threat levels that are used to instantaneously adjustuser access during lockdowns and lockouts
  • High Amp Relays –Ensure controller protection from power hungry locks and enables wider choiceof egress hardware
  • Open Architecture –Work with a variety of software partners over time without any re-investment inhardware
  • Based on MercuryTechnology – Built on a tried and tested platform, operating in the most demandingaccess control enterprises for 25+ years
  • End-to-End Security –TLS 1.2, AES-256, OSDP Secure Channel and 4-state supervised inputs ensures noweak technology link in the chain of security
  • VertX Compatibility –Installs in the same footprint as VertX and communicates with V100, V200 andV300 IO Modules

Product Specifications
  • Credential Capacity: 250,000
  • Credential Number Size: Up to 64 bits with 15-digits PIN MAX
  • Transaction Buffer: 50,000
  • Access levels: 32 per credentials (per reader schedule); plus custom credential override
  • On-Board Access Point Control: Up to  2 access points with on-board IO
  • On-Board Reader Support: Up to 4 (OSDP multi-drop) or 2 (Wiegand) with on-board IO
  • Maximum Access Point: 64 (using X100 or V100 IO modules)
  • Maximum Reader: 64 (ODSP or Wiegand, regardless of IO module configuration)
  • Maximum Inputs: 615 (using X200 or V200 IO Modules)
  • Maximum Outputs: 388 (using X200 or V200 IO Modules)
  • Number of IO Modules Buses: 2 (each deliciated to either Delta or Delta VertX IO modules)
  • Maximum X series IO Modules: 32, each IO Modules bus can support up to 32 X series modules
  • Maximum VertX IO Modules: 32, each IO Modules bus can support up to16 VertX modules
  • Micro USB Port: 5Vdc, 500mA maximum (USB 2.0)
  • Memory and Clock Battery Backup: 3Volt Lithium, type CR2032
  • MicroSD Card
    • Format: microSD or microSDHC
    • 2GB to 8 GB (RFU)
  • Ethernet communication: 10BaseT / 100Base-TX
  • IO Module communication: 2-wire RS-485, 2400 to 115K BPS, asynchronous
  • Inputs: 7 supervised / unsupervised, standard EOL: 1k/1kΩ1%. ¼ watt
  • Outputs: 4 Relays, Form-C with dry contacts
  • Normally Open Contact Rating: 5A@30 Vdc resistive
  • Normally Closed Contact Rating: 3A @30 Vdc resistive
  • Reader Power: 12Vdc± 10% regulated, 500mA maximum each reader
  • Data Input Power: TTL compatible or 2-wire RS-485
  • OSDP Mode: 9,600 to 230,400bps, asynchronous , half duplex, max. cable 2000ft (609.6m)
  • LED Output (Wiegand): Open Collector, 12Vdc open circuit maximum, 40mA sink maximum
  • Beeper Output (Wiegand): Open Collector, 12Vdc open circuit maximum, 40mA sink maximum
  • SIN Railing Mounting: 
    • Purchase accessory separately
    • Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact, 
    • Description: USA 10 Series Rail Adapter, Mfg Part No. 1201578



    • Certification: FCC Part15 Subpart B, CE, BSMI, IC, AS, NZS, TCVN, KCC
    • Safety: UL-294, IEC 62368-2. CB Scheme
    • Hazardous Substances: RoHs (2011/65/EI & 2015/863), EU REACH (1907.2006), California Proposition 65
    • ECCN: EAR99
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