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DIC-TRS-002 Emergency Intercom

DIC-TRS-002 Emergency Intercom


-Outline Dimension (W*H*D):
Faceplate: 150mm*150mm*3mm
Back Box: 130mm*130mm*53mm
Frame size: 135mm*135mm*55mm
Overall size: 150mm*150mm*55mm
-Input Voltage: POE
-Power Consumption: ~300mA


Products features
  • Slave Intercom
  • Hand-free communication with master intercoms 
  • Emergency Call 
  • Dry Contact interface (Connect different devices for additional functions)
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Easy to use
  • Facilitate the rescue of person in case of emergency
  • Equipped with call button, speaker and microphone


General Specifications
  • Flush Mounting
  • Aluminum Finishing
  • 16mm Opening for Call button
  • 3mm Opening for Microphone
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