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S-A-ST-E908 Intercom Smart Door Lock

S-A-ST-E908 Intercom Smart Door Lock


S-A-ST-E908 is a smart Door Lock supports multiple unlocking methods that include app, fingerprint, password, smart card, mechanical key and also online intercom function.


*Free installation

*3+2 year warranty

Product Specification
Dimensions: 78*370*75(mm)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Applicable door thickness: 40-90mm wooden door (please contact us for other door models)
Power supply: AA Battery*8
Unlocking method: fingerprint, password, smart card, mechanical key, face recognition, App
Emergency power supply: Micro USB interface

Can be connected to Tuya App
Tuya App provides online intercom, one-time password and time-limited password, press the doorbell notification
Low battery alarm, tamper alarm
Virtual password: effectively prevent others from peeking at the password
Doorbell function: There is a doorbell logo on the front panel, and the doorbell can sound when touched
Voice navigation: more accurate and convenient operation
Adopt national standard mechanical lock body, compatible with 99% lock body in the market
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